Design Automation will change your ETO processes

Design Automation is crucial in advancing Engineer-to-Order (ETO) processes, specifically in the design and configuration phases. It drastically reduces the time required for these steps from months or weeks to mere minutes. The entire product knowledge is preserved in a master model, simplifying future configurations and the overall parameterization process. This efficiency not only accelerates the product development lifecycle but also ensures accuracy and adaptability to evolving customer needs.

Fermentation Tank Customisation

Design Automation improves your ETO processes by building your 3D models and documentation in a way where variations of the product are supported by calculation or the internal sizing rules that are saved  on a Master Model to be used in future projects.

In this video you can understand better the parametrization process.

And below you can see an overview of a Product Master Model and how influences in different areas.


Watch Symbolic AI generating 3D Models and 2D Drawings